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It is our policy to respect your privacy and to keep confidential the personal details of visitors to our web site and personal details relating to our customers.  Our policy is to comply with the law and with best practice within the industry. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We do track accesses to our web sites though this is for general statistical use and does not monitor individuals personally.


Cookies are sent by web sites that you visit and stored by web browser applications (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) to remember information relating to the web site, and your activity on that site.  The major uses of cookies are normal and necessary to keep track of your visit (or 'session') - for example to allow you to build a shopping basket or to log in to an online account.

Cookies are either 'session cookies' or 'permanent cookies' (also called 'persistent'), though even permanent cookies can expire after a while.  Often a web site will just use cookies to store a 'token' to recognise a visitor rather than actually storing potentially personal data in the cookie.  Some sites may store personal data in a cookie on the computer (or smart-phone etc.) you use - and so you may want to consider whether the computer you are using could be used by others.

Most web sites used 'first party' cookies to remember information for their own benefit, however there may be in addition some 'third party' cookies stored for third party services used on the site.  Third party services can include tracking web site statistics, and tracking online advertising.

Cookies Used

CookieDescriptionExpiry date
source 1st - persistent - these cookies are internal traffic source tracking  persistent - 2 years
PHPSESSID 1st party - used by PHP to maintain state during a web site session (visit).  The cookie is a token and does not contain any personal data and if present is necessary for the operation of the site.  session
cky* 1st party - used by the internal stats / visitors logging system. Stores date and referrer of the 1st and the last visit as well as the total number of visits.  persistent - 30 days
__ar_v4 1st/3rd party - peristent - these cookies are for DoubleClick advertising service from Google  persistent - 6 years
_utm* 1st/3rd party - persistent - these cookies are for Google Analytics  persistent - 6 months / 2 years
__atuvc 1st/3rd party - peristent - these cookies are for AddThis social sharing widget  persistent - 2 years

With respect to legislation on the use of cookies and consent for them, the cookies we use are strictly necessary for the provision of our service (i.e. this web site) to you.  We monitor and comply with industry best practice aiming to provide the most effective service to our customers.

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