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Top Tips for achieving the best valuation for your vehicle:

Here at Tilsun Group we want to ensure you get the best possible price for your vehicle. Below we have listed a couple of hints and tips to help you achieve the best possible valuation for your current vehicle as well as listing the essential items you will require for the valuation to be successfully completed and at as fair a value as possible.

Prior to your valuation please ensure you have the following available:






 Part Exchange Leasing


Make sure the vehicle is generally clean and tidy, if there are any minor touch ups required to the paint work which you would be able to do yourself for little or no cost it would be worth it, but it's not recommended to waste time and money on more expensive repairs.

With regards to ensuring the vehicle is clean and tidy, a "mini-valet" (interior and exterior) will cost between £20 & £30 but could potentially increase the value offered for your car by between £50 and £100, so may well be worth it if you have the time.


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