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Part Exchange Programme FAQ's

What is the 'Part Exchange Programme'?

The 'Part Exchange Programme' is a collaboration between the Tilsun Group and Autorola Ltd, in which Autorola Ltd purchase your vehicle, in a similar way to a part exchange, when you lease a vehicle from the Tilsun Group.

Who is providing this service/Who are Autorola Ltd? 

This service is provided by Autorola Ltd their registered office is at Oakfield House, Tytherington Business Park, Tytherington, Macclesfield SK10 2XA (registered in England and Wales under company registration number 3372055)

What is the process?

At the point of enquiry, given your permission, your broker will capture the information about your current vehicle/the vehicle you are looking to part exchange that we need to generate a guide price. They will then pass this to Autorola Ltd who provide you with a Guide Price.

Once you receive your delivery date Autorola will contact you again to arrange inspection, at a location convenient to you, at home/work etc...

Upon inspection, Autorola will provide you with a valuation the same day.

24-48 hours after delivery, Autorola collect your vehicle and transfer the funds to you, straight to your bank.

Am I obligated to use this service?

No, this is simply a service offered to you to assist with the smooth transition into your new vehicle.

Does my vehicle need to be a specific age or mileage to qualify for the part exchange programme?

Yes, at present your vehicle must be both under 10 years old and under 100,000 miles at the point of collection.

How much will it cost?

There is no cost to you for this service.

What does 'Guide Price' mean?

A Guide Price is simply an estimate of the price we will pay for your vehicle subject to the final inspection of the vehicle.

There are two figures displayed for my Guide Price, which do I get?

As this is a guide price we give you the range rather than an exact figure; this allows you to have a clearer idea of the final figure you will receive should you wish to proceed to inspection closer to your delivery date.

Is the Guide Price binding?

No, the guide price is not binding, the only figure which is binding is your acceptance of the final offer at the point of vehicle collection.

How do I know I am getting the best deal?

The Part Exchange Programme is a no obligation service provided to you when leasing a vehicle, you have every right to sell your car to whoever you prefer.

What if my lease vehicle is delivered and something is not accurate, meaning I need to reject it?

Autorola will not collect your vehicle until 24-48 hours after the delivery date, also our collection service will contact you prior to collection of the vehicle, at which point you can inform them that the vehicle is not available to collect. Please be advised, Autorola are unable to handle any discrepancies with your leasing vehicle, you must contact your broker directly for this.    

What if my vehicle is damaged between the initial inspection and collection?

Your vehicle is also inspected on collection and the initial inspection & collection inspection are compared; if significant differences in condition, mileage etc are present then Autorola will contact you at this point with a revised valuation which you can accept or reject at this point.

You took the mileage for my vehicle at the beginning of this process but I have been driving my vehicle, will this affect the Final Price?

You were also asked for an average monthly mileage, we have therefore factored this into our valuation, however, if the mileage is significantly different we will adjust the value.

I am not at home during the day, can you come to a different location, such as my place of work, to inspect/collect my vehicle?

Yes, our inspection/collection company will contact you 24 hours before they intend to come and inspect/collect the vehicle to confirm your availability and the location of the vehicle.

My vehicle has outstanding finance, will you still buy it?

Yes, however you must contact the finance company and give Autorola authority to speak with them reference the finance outstanding.  

The Outstanding Balance on my finance agreement is higher than your final valuation, will you still settle my finance?

Yes, however you are obligated to pay Autorola the deficit by electronic transfer in advance of the finance being settled.

I have outstanding road tax on my vehicle, can I get this back?

You automatically get a vehicle tax refund for any full months remaining when you tell the DVLA that you vehicle has been sold, scrapped, declared SORN or given a Tax exemption. To do this, you must keep Section 9 of the V5c and return this to the DVLA after we have collected the vehicle. For further information please visit:


How do I know I am getting the best price for my vehicle?

To get the best price for your vehicle, simply ensure your vehicle is clean and tidy at the point of inspection; please inform us of any modifications or additional specification to the vehicle and you have all supporting documentation to hand, such as service history; receipts for work done as well as V5c registration document. We are unable to give you a value based on a full service history with no proof.

Will you purchase my vehicle without a V5c (Registration Document)?

No we will not purchase any vehicle without this document, if you do not have this you must apply for a new one before inspection for more information on how to do this please visit: https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration-certificate-v5c-log-book

If the V5c is not present at inspection Autorola will not continue with any transaction until the V5c has been provided.

I am not the registered keeper on the V5c, will you still buy my vehicle?

Yes, however we would require signed confirmation from the legal keeper of the vehicle that they are happy for the sale to take place.

My vehicle has no/partial Service History, will you still buy it?

You do not need service history but you must state at the point of initial inspection, please be aware this will affect the value indication/final value of the vehicle

Is there a fee if I decide not to sell my vehicle to you?

No, there are no fees for this service.

My vehicle has been modified with additional extras, how do I make you aware of these so I get the most accurate valuation?

You can either notify Autorola of these directly, by emailing partexchange@autorola.co.uk or by letting a member of the leasing team know, who will inform the Part Exchange Team know on your behalf. 

My vehicle is a non-runner or an insurance CAT-D write-off, will you buy it?

No, unfortunately we do not purchase non-running or insurance write-off vehicles

My vehicle has a private reg, will you buy it?

Yes, we will buy a vehicle with a private registration plate, however you will lose all entitlement to that registration number. If you wish to retain the registration, the process of changing the registration back is your responsibility and you must have the new registration on the vehicle and the V5 in your possession at the point of collection.

What documentation do I need?

We require your V5c and any supporting documentation such as Service History and manuals.

How/When do I get my money?

Autorola pay you your money by a BACS Payment, straight into your account once the vehicle has been collected. These funds will clear within 3 working days.

My vehicle is an import, will you buy it?  

At the present time, we are unable to purchase imported vehicles.

My vehicle has no MOT will you still buy it?

We are unable to purchase a vehicle which does not hold a valid MOT, you would therefore need to have an MOT done at an authorised centre in advance of vehicle collection.

What if I have a complaint?

In the unlikely event there is an issue using this service please send an email outlining the details to partexchange@autorola.co.uk

I am not based in the UK Mainland, will you still purchase my vehicle?

At the present time, we do not have a capability to purchase vehicles from outside of the UK mainland

Will I need to insure two vehicles?

Yes, until the contract of sale is produced, you are still legally responsible for the vehicle, therefore you must insure it, you should be able to do this through the company providing your vehicle insurance for your new lease vehicle by adding it to the policy for several days, simply enquire with them about it.