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Maintenance & Service Cover for Leased Vehicles

There’s no avoiding the costs of servicing, repairs and tyres on your lease vehicle – as you are bound contractually to ensure the vehicle is serviced during the full term of your agreement. However these costs can be reduced by planning ahead and adding Maintenance to your lease contract. By adding Maintenance Cover, you can protect yourself against unexpected costs and price increases on parts & labour, and enjoy the benefits of guaranteed fixed cost motoring for the entire term of your contract.

What is Maintenance Cover?


Maintenance Cover for vehicle leasing or Contract Hire agreements where the cost of one or more of the following items are included in your monthly rental:-
Tilsun Group Maintenance


All new vehicles come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty, which guarantees to replace failed components for a fixed period of time with no charge for the parts or labour, subject to the vehicle being looked after and serviced at the correct intervals.

But this should not be confused with Maintenance Cover, which will cover you for the cost of routine servicing, and any components and tyres that wear out gradually due to normal usage. These things are not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Benefits of Maintenance Cover:-

Please remember that all Maintenance Contracts are not the same, and different leasing companies will include different things in their car leasing maintenance packages. So please check this out carefully.

Maintenance Cover can be added to Business Contract, Personal Contract Hire and some Finance Lease and Personal Contract Purchase products too.

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