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General FAQ's

Q. What is Business Contract Hire?

A. Business Contract Hire is simply a method of long term rental, with a mileage allowance, providing you a fixed monthly payment for the car that you want. Available to sole-traders, partnerships and limited companies.

Q. What is Personal Contract Hire?

A. Personal Contract Hire is essentially the same as Business Contract Hire but available to private individuals.

Q. Is Value Added Tax payable?

A. All quotes advertised on our website are exclusive of VAT. This will be charged on your monthly payments at the current rate of VAT set by the government. If you are a VAT registered company it may be possible to claim some or all of the VAT back on your payments – dependant on the vehicle and contract taken! Please ask our Sales Advisors for more information.

Q. What is Personal Contract Purchase?

A. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is ideal for private individuals wishing to lease a car and take advantage of the vehicle discounts usually only offered to large fleet customers. The finance package allows you to drive a new or nearly new car for a set period of time, doing an agreed but flexible number of miles with the option to purchase at the end of the lease.

Q. Is the Road Fund License (Road Tax) included?

A. Road Fund License is supplied for a minimum of 12 months on all contracts. All Business and Personal Contract Hire agreements include road tax for the duration of your agreement at no additional cost.

Q. I’m not buying the vehicle outright, will I still be credit checked?

A. Yes, because you are pursuing credit to lease the vehicle, you must still be credit checked by the finance company.

Q. I have a poor credit history. Would leasing be a possibility for me?

A. We have access to a variety of finance companies with varying underwriting criteria and will always endeavour to help source a vehicle. Additional information may be required to support your application – eg wageslips, bank statements, proof of ID etc

Q. Do I have to pay a delivery charge?

A. No. If the vehicle is to be delivered on the UK Mainland, the delivery price is free!! Most of our vehicles are driven delivered direct from the supplying dealership. If you would like your vehicle to be transported please let us know as supplying dealers do charge for this service.

Q. Can my vehicle be delivered outside the UK mainland?

A. For deliveries to islands away from the mainland there is an additional delivery charge. This charge varies depending on the distance and costs incurred. The destination however, must be within the British Isles.

Q. Are there any administration fees?

A. An administration fee will be charged at point of ordering the vehicle. The administrative costs can vary depending upon the finance company used. The admin fees charged will be indicated on your written quotes.

Q. Can you explain 6+23 or 6+35 on a car leasing agreement?

A. Car leasing deals are usually calculated over a 2, 3 or 4 year term. The ‘6’ stands for the equivalent of 6 rentals in advance, then +23 or +35 equates to the quantity of monthly rentals you will pay throughout the contract term. We can re-calculate your quotes with a higher or lower initial payment if required, you can also get a rough idea of how changing your contract profile would effect your rentals by using our "dashboard dials" on each vehicle details page – please ask our Sales Advisors for more information.

For example, if the monthly rental was £100+VAT per month on a 6+23 contract, within 14 days of the vehicle delivery £600+VAT would be taken by direct debit from your bank account and then a rental of £100+VAT would be taken each month by direct debit for 23 months thereafter.

Q. Can I amend my contract mileage?

A Depending on the finance product, yes! This can be arranged once within the agreement, not within the past 6 months of the agreement.

Q. How do I order a vehicle?

A. The process couldn’t be more straightforward. Firstly we apply for credit with our finance house - upon receipt of a completed application form. Once approved we will then take a signed order form and a card payment for your administration fee to secure the vehicle and raise the finance documents. Once we receive clearance on signed finance documents (and any cooling off period elapses) and confirmation that the car is in stock we will arrange delivery for the earliest and most convenient date. Please be aware, some funders do require sight of a copy of an insurance certificate, prior to delivery.

Q. What is the shortest or longest that I can lease a vehicle through you?

A. At present the shortest time that a lease can be undertaken is 2 years (24 months) and the longest is 5 years (60 months)

Q. Is there anything to pay at the end of the contract?

A. No, unless you exceed the contract mileage or return the vehicle damaged – please see below:

Q. What happens if I exceed the annual mileage on the lease contract?

A. If the mileage on a contract is exceeded there will be an “excess mileage charge” applied. This is charged per mile and is detailed on your finance documentation. This information can be requested as early as quotation stage.

Q. What would be classed as “fair wear and tear” before returning a vehicle at the leases end?

A. Vehicles should be returned in accordance with BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear guidelines. We send copies of these booklets out to you 6 months prior to the end of the contract however they can be sent out on request.

Q. What if I need to end the contract early?

A. If you need to end the contract early, please contact the Tilsun Group and we will arrange the necessary procedures for you.

Q. What are my options at the end of the contract?

A. At the end of your leasing contract there are usually 3 options open to you

  • Replace the vehicle with a new contract.
  • Depending on the finance house, we can extend the contract for a 6 or 12 month period at a fixed rental – sometimes cheaper than your original contract payment!!
  • Return the vehicle to the finance company.

If you have any further questions, please call us on 01606 545900 and we will arrange the next steps for you.

Vehicle FAQ's

Q. Where are your vehicles sourced from?

A. Most of our vehicles are sourced through the main dealer network of the the relevant manufacturer.

Q. Are all lease cars brand new with no previous owners?

A. The vast majority of contracts are calculated on brand new vehicles however some contracts can be made on pre-registered vehicles with enhanced discounts reducing the monthly cost of the vehicle. Pre-registered vehicles are delivered with minimal delivery mileage.

Q. I want a vehicle or specification of vehicle not displayed on your website, does that mean you can’t source the vehicle in question?

A. Definitely not we can supply any current model offered by all of the major manufacturers and any factory option that is available on your vehicle - however this may have an affect the lead time and delivery dates. If a vehicle isn’t shown on our website please contact us via phone or e-mail and one of our dedicated sales team can run a quote to meet your parameters and requirements.

Q. Does my vehicle come with a warranty?

A. All vehicles come with the balance of the manufacturers warranty – subject to servicing in line with manufacturer recommendations.

Q. Do I need to complete an MOT for my lease vehicle?

A. If an MOT is required during your contract then it is the customers responsibility to arrange this. If a vehicle contract elapses before the first MOT date then you will not be required to MOT the vehicle. MOT’s are often included within a fully maintained agreement.

Q. Can I customise, modify or re-spray the vehicle?

A. In some cases customising and modifying the vehicle can be OK e.g. towbars, roof racks etc Body kits, vents or re-spraying are not allowed.

Q. What do I do in the event of a breakdown?

A. The majority of new vehicles come with 24 hour breakdown assistance as part of the vehicle warranty for a minimum of 12 months. Contact details can be found in the vehicle handbook - call them on the number provided to get back on your way again.

Q. What do I do in the event of an accident?

A. In the event of an accident the supplying funder should be the first port of call once you’ve advised your insurance company as obviously they are the vehicle’s owner. The funder will then advise the best course of action.

Q. Who is liable for service and when?

A. Servicing will always be the responsibility of the customer in accordance with manufacturer recommendations (see your vehicle handbook). The costs of servicing and replacing tyres can be spread throughout the contract by taking a fully maintained agreement.

If you have any further questions, please call us on 01606 545900 and we will arrange the next steps for you.

Maintenance FAQ's

Q. What is a “fully maintained agreement”?

A. A “fully maintained agreement” essentially covers the cost of servicing and replacement of tyres for the duration of your agreement – essentially the items not covered within a manufacturer warranty. Maintenance gives you the benefit of: fixed cost motoring for the duration of the contract, it is generally cheaper than paying for servicing and repairs outright, there are no unexpected bills and also protects against future price increases in parts and labour. For a comprehensive list, please visit our Maintenance page here.

Q. What is the cost of maintenance?

A. There is no generic cost for maintenance, it varies depending upon the vehicle and contract parameters – please ask our Sales Advisors for the costs to maintain your vehicle to be included with your quote.

If you have any further questions, please call us on 01606 545900 and we will arrange the next steps for you.

Insurance FAQ's

Q. Is car insurance included in the leasing price?

A. No, Insurance is not included in the price of the lease, however, it is available at a fixed monthly cost. Further information can be found by selecting this insurance page link.

If you have any further questions, please call us on 01606 545900 and we will arrange the next steps for you.

About Us FAQ's

Q. What is the benefit of dealing with Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd?

A. Being established since 1998, we have long-forged relationships with many dealerships and manufacturers enabling us to negotiate some of the best discounts in the marketplace and, in turn, allow us to offer you, the customer, some of the best rentals in the UK. Our dedicated and experienced Sales and Customer Services teams will help you to answer any questions and making leasing your new vehicle a simple and pleasurable experience!

Q. What benefit do I get coming to you and not a dealership direct?

A. Due to the quantity of vehicles we sell every year we can negotiate far better discounts than a private individual could obtain by walking directly into a dealership. In addition we are not tied to any specific brand meaning our sales team may be able to suggest alternative vehicles with a better specification, a cheaper monthly rental or that are more readily available for delivery than the original car that you considered.

If you have any further questions, please call us on 01606 545900 and we will arrange the next steps for you.