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Car Reviews

At the Tilsun Group we think its really important that you have some good quality reviews to help you choose your next car. We have worked with Car&Driving to give you over 600 video reviews of the most popular new cars around. Car&Driving are automotive experts and their reviews are totally unbiased to help you make the best choice. 

The best way to find the reviews is to make a car search and then look for the links beneath the pricing of the car you select.  Clicking on the "Video and reviews" tab will expand the view to show a full review of the vehicle and a video review

Whilst we have the biggest range of review videos here sadly it does not cover all models and variants.  We hope you find a review to help you.

If you want any more information then please pick up the phone and any of our sales team will be pleased to get any more information for you to help you make your choice. 

Just make a car search using the search panel, the manufacturer list or select one of the offers featured on the homepage.

On the vehicle page you will see links to the available reviews beneath our unique adjustable dials, as per the image below:

Tilsun Group Car Reviews feature: Range Rover Evoque