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Business Fleets: Business Car Leasing & Contract Hire

Choice of the best leasing finance providers.

The Tilsun Group has a direct relationship with a select group of the major leasing finance providers in the UK, meaning we can offer all of the individual benefits offered by these companies. However, rather than your company having to deal multiple contacts you have just one – The Tilsun Group.

Due to the competitive nature of the funders we have relationships with; it means we can shop around to determine the cheapest rentals for your quotations, rather than being tied down by having just one finance system to quote from like many dealers and competitors.

Discounts and Pre-ordering

Due to the volume of vehicles supplied by the Tilsun Group both annually and historically, we negotiate the majority of our discounts directly with the manufacturers by committing to volumes and/or bulk ordering vehicles. On many occasions these discounts are better than those supplied directly by the major finance houses making our rentals cheaper. Where possible we try to pre-order stock to ensure that lead times are minimised by comparison to other suppliers, as we aim to deliver not only the best price, but the best service too.

Volume deals

Where a company, is looking to order a volume of vehicles, the Tilsun Group will, where possible, look to negotiate enhanced discounts over and above standard terms available – this may require a minimum volume commitment from your company.

Pooled Mileage

Pooled mileage can be offered by most of our panel of funders in the event that 10 or more vehicles are funded through one particular finance house. Ongoing vehicle contracts with these funders, subject to them all being financed by the same provider can be factored into the pooled mileage arrangement going forward.

Credit lines

To make the process of ordering vehicles quicker and smoother for your company the Tilsun Group can arrange advanced “Credit lines” with funders meaning you can order future vehicles on an existing signed Master Hire agreement. This can avoid you having to sign a new set of documents for each additional vehicle required, thus saving both time and paperwork for all parties involved. If credit lines can be established with each of our finance companies, that means we can put the vehicle to the cheapest funder quickly, thus speeding up the process for future vehicle acquisitions.

Demonstration vehicles

Should you require them, Tilsun will try to arrange demonstrator vehicles to allow you and your employees the chance to “try before you buy” to ensure that the vehicles you are looking to order are suitable for their required tasks. We must point out that this is subject to availability from the manufacturer or supplying dealership.

Single point of contact

By having direct access to the finance systems we can run many quotes and therefore you avoid the hassle of having to shop around contacting various people and comparing rentals, thus saving you time and effort. The same applies should you have any amendments, issues or additional vehicle requirements with ongoing / existing contracts. You will be given a dedicated account manager here at Tilsun to ensure continuity, and allow good working relationships to form and grow, as your company grows.

Would you like to know more? Please call our sales advisors on 01606 545900 Option 1 now for further details.