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World Car of the Year 2012

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The World Car of the Year Awards were announced in New York and Geneva earlier this month, below Tilsun Group reviews the winners 

The World Car of the Year Awards, comprise 4 separate awards, World Green Car, World Performance Car, World Car Design and evidently the main award; World Car of the Year. The awards are adjudicated by a variety of well-respected journalists from Europe, North America andAsia, below we look at the contenders and the eventual victors in each award. 

World Green Car of the Year 2012: 

There was a very diverse cross-section of vehicles in contention for the Green car award, many of which were hybrids that fell by the wayside in the preliminary stages, amongst the finalists that fell short of the coveted “Top Three” were the Renault ZE and Mitsubishi iMiev both commended for their advances in Electric Vehicle (EV) technologies. 

Third Place: The Hybrid4 version of the Peugeot 3008, boasting CO2 emissions of 99 or 104g/km dependent on which model you select, the 3008 proves it can be economical and ecologically friendly. 

Second Place: Ford’s popular Focus model adds another string to it’s bow with the introduction and very close second place of the “Focus Electric” further improving the ranges eco-friendliness following the introduction of the 1.0 ecoBoost model earlier this year. 

Winner, World Green Car of the Year 2012: Mercedes S Class 250CDi BlueEfficiency.

Although the 250CDi Mercedes models wouldn’t be top on many people’s list, the German manufacturer has strived to make a conscious effort in reducing the CO2 emissions, for example the E250CDi Coupe now produces just 134g/km. 

World Performance Car of the Year 2012: 

As you would expect, this is the category where all the “boy’s toys” come out to play, with names such as Audi, BMW, Ferrari and Mercedes AMG being in the frame. Unexpected or not, none of the above made it to the final three with the RS3 Sportback, 1 Series M Coupe, M5, Ferrari FF and the C63 and CLS 63 AMG Models falling short. 

Third Place: McLaren MP4-12C, a fantastic offering from the British manufacturer where the car’s ingenuity is outweighed only by it’s appearance. 

Second Place: Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, the striking Aventador shows that Lamborghini’s “crazy side” is back with edgy design characteristics and a foot operated “warp” pedal. A very well deserved “podium finish” for the Italian manufacturer. 

Winner, World Performance Car of the Year 2012: Porsche 911

Officially the marmite of the sports car world, love it or hate it, the 911 has been around for nearly 50 years, and the sticking point for many is the design hasn’t changed that much in that time, however, the customer base remains and the awards keep coming. 

World Car Design of the Year 2012: 

How a vehicle looks can sometimes be more important than its performance or functionality, after all, when purchasing a vehicle, the shape, the curves, and the craftsmanship, all of them combining to provide a sensory experience not just aesthetic pleasure. 

As you may expect this category was hotly contested with no less than 47 vehicles thrown into the mix. Many were not able to make it into the final rounds, the vehicles that did, included the Hyundai Veloster and the Porsche 911, however, neither were able to get into the top 3. 

Third Place: Volkswagen UP! The German manufacturer’snew citycar has made a huge impression since it’s launch and a 5 door model is expected shortly, the UP! Proved that a low-cost option doesn’t have to be a “no-frills” one. 

Second Place: Citroen DS5, the latest addition to the DS range at Citroen, the DS5 is their first true attempt at an “Executive Hatch” and the results are astounding. Citroen, however, aren’t resting on their laurels with the recent unveiling of the “Numero 9” concept car. 

Winner, World Car Design of the Year 2012: Range Rover Evoque 

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It’s starting to become inevitable that the Evoque will win design awards, just for the sheer fact that it’s design from front to back, top to bottom, is just so different from anything previously associated with Land Rover/Range Rover. Not too much of a hit with the 4×4 purists , the Evoque has taken the design/fashion world by storm, with a mini fleet of them used at London Fashion Week earlier in the year. 

Now it’s time to look at the overall winner of the awards: 

World Car of the Year 2012 – Volkswagen UP! 

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The German city car has been a breath of fresh air since its unveiling, it should be classed more as a “bijou vehicle” instead of a micro or city car, because despite it’s small dimensions it brings style and well thought design to the table inclusive of the interior where modern technology meets with the retro feel of a 50’s Diner. All in all, the UP! is definitely a deserving winner of the award and an insight as to what is to come from Volkswagen over the coming months and years.

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