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Woman’s World Car of the Year 2012 Announced

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Today has seen the announcement for the winners of the “Woman’s World Car of the Year 2012″.

Competition is rumoured to have been fierce throughout the contest as the results poured in from the 12 countries that participate in the event. However, when all was said and done, there were clear winners in all 4 categories.

Family Car Award:

3rd Place: Ford Focus, with a re-designed body and the introduction of the 1.0 ECOboost engine, the Focus will continue to be a popular, economical choice for men, women and families through 2012 and beyond.

2nd Place: Audi Q3, the smallest of the Q family, the Q3 supplies both crossover looks and luxurious interior surroundings, ideal for the school run or arriving at prestigious meetings.

1st Place: BMW 3-Series, the 3-Series has been a success in many forms over the years and the most recent facelift hasn’t stopped that performance. Combining luxury, comfort and class, the 3 Series can be a market leader on many levels for years to come.

Luxury Car Award:

3rd Place: Audi A6, with both saloon and avant (estate) versions of the A6 available, it’s easy to see how it makes it into the top 3, by delivering on many fronts as a diverse package for prospective clients.

2nd Place: Jaguar XJ, a brand name synonimous with luxury, Jaguar continue to offer customers luxury and performance. A popular choice with business people around the globe, the XJ Series continues to win awards and plaudits worldwide.

1st Place: Range Rover Evoque, winning yet another award, it’s the “Baby Range Rover” making waves. Boasting various design and specification levels and 3 or 5 door models, the relatively compact Evoque has been an award winner ever since concept stage and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Sports Car Award:

3rd Place: Mercedes Benz SLK, the SLK is by no means the most powerful Mercedes available on the market, however, sports cars aren’t solely about power, the SLK delivers an open sky above a fun to drive, reactive roadster.

2nd Place: Jaguar XKR, the second entrant from the predatory cat in these awards, the XKR certainly caused a stir upon it’s release, looking, feeling and equally as important, sounding like a true British sports car.

1st Place: Porsche 911, although it’s been around since the 70′s and the shape has never been drastically changed, people still love the 911 as proven by this award going to the German manufacturer.

Economy Car Award:

3rd Place: Ford Fiesta, with a huge global following, the Sixth generation of the Detroit motor company’s small family hatchback, continues to satisfy the needs of both new and returning Ford customers, with CO2 figures from just 95g/km on the ECOnetic models.

2nd Place: Volkswagen UP!, rather big things are expected from this comparatively small car over the next 12 months, heads have definitely been turned by both this and it’s sister car released by Skoda. There’s only one way this supermini is going…..

1st Place: Honda Civic, like the Fiesta, the Civic has been around for a while, though obviously an economical choice, the Civic also found a market with families by offering a very good safety record and Euro NCAP results of 5 stars for adults and 4 stars for children.

Overall Results:

3rd Place: Audi Q3

2nd Place: BMW 3 Series

Range Rover Evoque Leasing Contract Hire

Winner: Range Rover Evoque – Yet another award for the Evoque, the innovative design has well and truly launched Land Rover/Range Rover into the 21st Century, with rumours of a convertible Evoque on the horizon, it is unlikely that this will be the last award won by the “Baby Range Rover”.

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