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About Us

Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd is one of the largest independent vehicle leasing brokers in the UK, specialising in a variety of contract types aimed at Private Individuals through to the largest of Blue Chip Companies in supplying and financing all makes and models of cars or commercial vehicles.

Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd was founded in 1998 as a small, family-owned concern in the heart of Cheshire,starting with a workforce of just two people, in our first year we completed 150 orders, leaving those customers extremely happy.

Over a decade later, the company continues to thrive and grow as an independent broker in the UK, retaining its family values and remaining in the heart of Cheshire, our staff levels have multiplied innumerably since that first day in 1998 and now incorporates dedicated Sales, Customer Service and Administration, IT and Accounts department.

In the last 12 months alone, we have sourced thousands of vehicles to match our customer’s requirements, from the hundreds of dealerships we have formed long-lasting bonds with over the years, enabling us to procure the perfect vehicle for our customers, whether it be a vehicle in stock, located at a dealer compound or a factory order from Italy, Germany or anywhere else in the world.

No matter which vehicle from which manufacturer you are seeking, whether you are a private individual or the largest of multi-national companies, whether you are after a Contract Hire agreement for your company or a Personal Contract agreement for that dream car for you, we have a solution to suit your own requirements, utilising all of the experience we have acquired as a company and as individuals over a cumulative hundred and twenty year period in the automotive industry.

Over the years we have certainly supplied many thousands of customers, but have never forgotton the first and all subsequent clients since we were in business. These clients continue to help us grow by placing repeat business and referring new customers to us, customers we hope will still be with us themselves in over a decades time, continuing to make us the trusted, reputable company Tilsun is today.

Essentially, customer satisfaction is our passion and what drives us, is what you drive.

Why Use Tilsun:

There are many reasons to use Tilsun Group for your next vehicle, our sales team are driven by your satisfaction and their passion for customer service is unrivalled within the automotive leasing industry. Our aim as a company is never to over promise and under deliver, we will be with you every step of the way, from giving you quotes on your new vehicle, right through to when your new car is rapidly becoming your old one, we’ll be in touch to extend, renew or replace your vehicle with another quality Tilsun Contract.

Key Features of Our Service Include:

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